About Me

Laurel Holman is a writer, facilitator, coach, and marketing executive with nearly 20 years of senior leadership experience at companies like Intuit (makers of Quickbooks and Turbotax), and Colgate-Palmolve. 

After a year-long sabbatical in 2012-13 which changed her life, Laurel now divides her time between her writing (she is working on a novel), and her work with Shine On Collaborative, which brings together her talent for coaching and managing teams with her passion for helping people create a more creative and fulfilling life for themselves and their families. 

Laurel is deeply interested in the practices and routines that cultivate curiosity, creativity, connection, and resilience, and blogs (on and off) on these topics. 

She has an MBA from Duke University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications from Stanford University. She lives in California with her husband and two children. 

The best ways to connect with me are:
Email: laurel.holman "at" gmail "dot" com 
Twitter: @laurelh 
Instagram: @laurelholman
LinkedIn: @laurelholman  

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