Daily Creative Challenge: Love Winter

Last week, I picked up a book by Carol Marine called Daily Painting, where she lays out her argument for painting every single day in order to become more creative, productive and successful as an artist. I am not really a painter, but I still liked the idea, especially if I broaden the concept to creativity more generally.

It got me thinking about setting myself a challenge in 2017 to create something every day, whether that be a painting, or creative writing, or something sewn, baked, photographed, or collaged. Whatever. It could be anything, as long as I create it with my own hands.

Above, a practice piece. Perhaps this will be the first of a series? 

I love the fresh start of a new year, with all it's possibilities.

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  1. Makes me so happy to see you pop up in my feed again! You could make greeting cards from your painting dabbling. I ran a similar experiment a couple of years ago - it was really fun and a side benefit was feeling accomplished even on the most mundane days. Hope you'll keep sharing the practice with all of us!