10% More Comfortable

I was listening to a guided meditation the other night, one designed to help you go to sleep. At some point, the speaker, in her quiet, slow and sleepy voice, asked what I could do to make myself 10% more comfortable.

I found that I could actually shift my position a bit to improve my comfort. I don't think I would have noticed if she hadn't asked the question. And it made a difference.

I've been thinking about that ever since, both while trying to sleep at night, and also during the day as I go about my business. What could I do to be 10% more comfortable as I sit at my computer? As I do the dishes? As I drive in my car? As I get dressed in the morning? 

Here's the cool thing: These little changes are not only making me more comfortable, which makes me happy, but they are also making it more likely that I move more. And moving is healthy. (To be inspired by how much small movement changes can make a difference in your health, check out the podcast Katy Says, or click over to her website, Nutritious Movement.)

Here are a few examples of how these small changes are working for me: 
  • Mindful of my comfort in the moment, I'm changing positions more often. (Moving into different positions, as opposed to sitting still in one position for long periods of the day, is good for the body.) 
  • When I sit on the floor, I'm using pillows and folded blankets to support me, making it more comfortable to stay on the floor longer (which they say is generally better for the body than sitting in chairs.) 
  • Opting for more comfortable shoes and clothing make it more likely that I walk more during the day. 
  • I'm quicker to toss a blanket over my lap to keep me warm and comfortable, and more likely to keep a down vest on in the house. Being warmer helps me open up and relax into more varied sitting positions, as opposed pulling tight into a ball or holding my muscles tight against the chill.
So there you have it, my little insight for this week. How could you be 10% more comfortable today?

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