On fresh starts, choosing a word, setting intentions and re-thinking habits

While some people have their New Year's Resolutions all figured out by January 1st, I tend to take a little longer to think through what I want from the fresh new year before us. So here we are, a few weeks into January, and I'm gradually narrowing in on what I want for myself in 2016. I generally don't set resolutions, but I do engage in a variety of techniques to take advantage of the fresh start that a new year affords. Here are my favorites:

Choose a word | If you have followed this blog for a long time, you know that I like to choose a word every year, which I use to help me bring focus to an idea I want to invite into my life. One of my favorite bloggers, Ali Edwards, offers an inexpensive online class based on this idea. I highly recommend the class, which I have taken in the past and am taking again this year. (My word for 2016 is OPEN, which I'll talk more about in an upcoming post.)

Set my intentions | Intentions are less outcome based and more lasting than resolutions, which I've found tend to fall by the wayside before January is over. I love Jess Lively's description of intention setting (here). I'll be posting in more detail about my intentions for this year later this month.

Re-think my daily habits | My new favorite approach to starting a new habit is described in "The Sweet Spot" by Christine Carter. (She's running a free 12 week online coaching program on habits which is excellent.) I also love the strategies Gretchen Rubin outlines in her latest book, "Better Than Before". Habits I'll be working on in 2016 include daily meditation, limiting my email-checking, and incorporating more whole foods (especially leafy greens) into my diet.

I hope you are getting off to an awesome start this year!

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