Hell Yes!

As a busy mom, I say "yes" to many requests that come my way. You probably do too.

Are you going to get in the pool?
Would you be willing to help staff the check-in table? 
Lets take a selfie together!?
Could you drive my my lunch to school since I forgot it this morning? 
Why don't you bring a side dish? 
Are you going to run the school book fair again next year?
I need a poster board for a school project due tomorrow...? 
Will you be attending the fundraiser? 
Will you play a game with me?

I'm usually happy to say "yes" to these requests. I'll feel good about doing these things, because I like being responsible and being kind, and whoever is asking will be happy I've said "yes." That's a win/win, right?

Is it?

Lets think about that for a sec. 

How much time are these requests taking? Are they squeezing out the time you have to do things that you really love to do? The kinds of things you'd say "Hell Yes!"to if asked?

If you're saying "yes" to too many things out of a sense of duty or kindness, you're living in the world of what my friend Kristin has dubbed a "tepid yes." You're saying yes, and it's fine, but these things don't make your heart sing. Sometimes doing these things is actually -- lets face it -- annoying.

Life is full of these things and that's okay. It's how society stays civilized and children grow up to be healthy and secure adults.

But lets challenge ourselves to balance the "tepid yes" things in our lives with a few spicy "Hell Yes!" activities too.

We need to be doing things that make our heart rates surge and our adrenaline kick in. Things that bring us the deep satisfaction that we are heeding our calling. And some things that simply feel good and make us laugh.

What kinds of things would your heart say "Hell Yes!" to?

Will you sign up for this online art class with me?
Lets plan a karayoke night!
Would you lead the meeting / give the talk / write that article?
Should we get tickets to see that new musical?
I'm going to start training for a 5k, are you with me?
Could we skip that birthday party / holiday party / trip to the trampoline park?
Do you want to get a babysitter for Saturday night?
Want to go for a walk?
Is it worth the money to buy that backyard fire pit?
Do you think the kids will be okay staying with the grandparents so we can go away for the weekend? 

Start keeping a tally of the "tepid yeses" in your life, and the "hell yeses." Do you have the right balance?

Is a good balance of these types of "yeses" worth striving for?

Hell Yes!


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing Laurel! Miss you guys. Love, Becca

  2. Hell yes!!! I've been practicing no, which is a type of a hell yes for me, but I love the challenge of sifting the tepid yes with the hell yes. Thank you!