I will vs I must

Saying “I will” is more powerful than saying “I must.”

Saying “I choose” is more powerful than saying “I should.”

It’s a subtle but powerful mindset change, and it’s far harder than it sounds. 

(I loved the discussion of this and related topics on a recent Robcast episode. I have lost track of which episode, but here is the series.)

Saying “I will” and “I choose” instead of “I must” and “I should” means you are owning your actions and decisions. It means you have the courage to determine the direction of your own life, and you aren’t letting other people’s priorities and expectations determine it for you.

Along the same lines, I’ve often heard that “if we don’t prioritize our life, someone else will do it for us.” If you agree to things out of some sense of “should” or “must,” but harbor a secret resesntment or even rebellion deep in your heart, you won’t really be fully present. You won’t be there as your authentic self, but only as a reluctant shadow of yourself. Other people can sense that you’re not fully present, no matter how well you may try to hide it. 

You may think you are doing people a favor to say “yes” out of a place of “must” or “should,” but I don’t think it actually does anybody any good if you let yourself be dragged or pushed along into choices that aren’t yours. You rob yourself of the opportunity to live the life you were meant to live, and you rob others of the opportunity to experience the brilliance of your true self. When you make active choices that are rooted in your values, you are at your best. You will feel better, and the people around you will respond to you more fully and more positively.

Give the world what you were born to give it, by saying “I will” and “I choose,” and stop operating from a place of “I must” and “I should.”

And there you have it, your thought of the day. Make today great! 

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