Hello September

September is a month for fresh starts. With kids back in school around my house, it is more of a “beginning” time of year than January. It is a time for new routines, and a fresh look at our priorities.

With that in mind, here are my intentions for September:

Get the year off to a great start by focusing on habit building and daily routines. I’m using the start of the school year to get into some new routines with regard to my writing and my exercise and food habits. I think it was Gretchen Rubin who said, "What we do every day matters more than what we do every once in a while," and I'm keeping this in mind as I design my fall routines. 


Be where I am. There is no excuse for reluctance or regrets or wishing I were somewhere else or doing something else. Make bold choices and then own them. Say “I will” and “I choose” more than “I must” or “I should.” (More on this in tomorrow’s post.)

I hope you have a fabulous month planned! Happy September!

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