Podcast Review: The Unmistakable Creative

As I have mentioned here before, I listen to podcasts while I walk. I find that they are an entertaining and efficient way to get exposure to a wide variety of thought provoking ideas and interesting people. It’s a little like reading a great new non-fiction book but with greater portability and in a bite sized chunk. 

I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite podcasts here on the blog, with a bit of context about why I listen to it and what I get out of it. (I have no affiliation with any of these podcasts, I just like them.)

Today’s featured podcast is:

The Unmistakable Creative with Srinivas Rao

This is an interview podcast, so every episode is different depending on the guests. He brings in artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and “instigators” which is his catch-all term for fascinating people doing fascinating work in the world. His interviews tend to dive into the backstory that led the person to the work they are doing in the world, focusing on early influences and key turning points in their journey. 

Because of the diversity of guests, I find this podcast to be a great one for quickly gathering lots of diverse ideas, which I find very stimulating, and for discovering interesting people I want to learn more about. I have followed many threads that started with a guest on this podcast and led to great books, ideas, tools, products, and inspiration. This podcast delivers entertaining insights on it’s own, and then multiplies it’s impact by leading me to other great discoveries.

Stay tuned for more Podcast recommendations in upcoming posts on this blog.

And, if you haven’t tried listening to podcasts yet, I highly recommend it. (I subscribe through iTunes, then listen through the Podcast app which came with my iPhone.) There are thousands of podcasts out there, on every conceivable topic. I tend to like podcasts that make me think about life and what it means to be human, and about creativity and building great habits and routines. But whatever your interest, there is surely a podcast for you!

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  1. Thanks for your podcast recommendations, Laurel - when you recommend something, I'm pretty sure I will like it, too :-)
    When I'm writing, I need silence, but since I have been doing a lot of photo post-procesing I've been listening to 'Magic Lessons' this week. I'm almost finished and want to start the Unmistakable Creative today. My dear friend and yoga teacher used to say 'the body needs nourishment, but the soul needs nourishment, too' - which is pretty much what you say about the need to expose yourself to new ideas!