Podcast review: Magic Lessons

I listen to podcasts while I walk. I find that they are an entertaining and efficient way to get exposure to a wide variety of thought provoking ideas and interesting people. It’s a little like reading a great new non-fiction book but with greater portability and in a bite sized chunk. 

I’ve been asked to post a list of my favorites, so I’m going to do that in a series of posts that profile my favorites Podcasts with a bit of context about why I listen to it and what I get out of it. (I have no affiliation with any of these Podcasts, I just like them.)

Today’s featured Podcast is:

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a relatively new podcast, timed with the upcoming release of her new book, Big Magic, coming out in September. It has quickly risen to the top of my “favorites” list. 

She alternates between two different episode structures. First, she talks to real people who are facing creative challenges or blocks, and provides them with advice, encouragement, and an assignment. Then, alternating with these posts, she brings on experts to chat with about the situation highlighted in the episode prior. She brings out additional insights from these experts which enlarge and deepen the conversation. 

I love this alternating structure, and the mix of Elizabeth sharing her own personal magic with Elizabeth pulling great thoughts out of her expert guests. She has a magnetic presence which comes through in the podcast, and she has great chemistry with her guests. It’s a pleasure to listen, and inspiring too.

Stay tuned for more Podcast recommendations in upcoming posts on this blog.

And, if you haven’t tried listening to podcasts yet, I highly recommend it. (I subscribe through iTunes, then listen through the Podcast app which came with my iPhone.) There are thousands of podcasts out there, on every conceivable topic. I tend to like podcasts that make me think about life and what it means to be human, and about creativity and building great habits and routines. But whatever your interest, there is surely a podcast for you!

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