How I'm using a FitBit and 3 Strategies to strengthen my walking habit

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before: Masting the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. One of the habits I’m trying to establish is to walk more. In accordance with her Strategy of Monitoring, I have been tracking daily steps on my FitBit, monitoring my efforts to hit 10k steps per day. 

Per her advice to employ as many Strategies as possible to each habit, I’ve invited a friend to connect with me on FitBit, to engage the Strategy of Accountability. This week, we challenged each other to the Workweek Hustle (a built in challenge within the app that tracks who has more steps from Monday to Friday.) I love that we can be gently nudging each other to keep moving. 

And even though I haven’t seen my friend in person this week, I feel like we’ve been more connected, which engages the Strategy of Other People

A triple strategy win!

It’s working. Last night I realized I was three thousand steps behind, so I woke up early this morning and took a walk before the family got out of bed, to see if I could make up for my miss yesterday. I briefly moved ahead of my friend, but not for long. I can see that she’s on the move and rapidly catching up. I’ll have to stay active to keep up with her!

So off I go to log a few more steps…

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