The other morning, the kids were home and had friends over, so instead of taking the dog for a walk, I jumped on the treadmill so that I could get some steps in without leaving home. After a few minutes, my dog came over and sat down right next to the treadmill and looked up at me intently. She barked, just one short but insistent bark. The kind she makes when she’s trying to get my attention. I looked over but kept walking. She barked again. This time it was two short, insistent barks. I kept walking. Finally, three barks. “Hey,” she seemed to be saying. “Don’t you see me here and hear what I’m saying? What are you walking on that thing for when we could be outside walking together?” 

Do you ever feel like you are walking on a treadmill, staying busy, but not really getting anywhere? You get your steps in and nothing is wrong exactly, but something isn’t as right as it could be, either. Perhaps you’ve started to sense that something inside you is starting to bark. 

Maybe it’s time to get off the treadmill, get outside, find some like-minded friends, and start going somewhere.

Bark. Bark bark. 

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