A challenge: Post six days a week for 30 days

For the next month, I’ve decided to experiment with a short blog post six days a week. 

I like the idea of building the discipline to produce a bit of public writing, however brief, every day. Some days it may just be a quote from something I’ve been reading or listening to. Or a thought I had while walking. Or a photo of some bit of creative work I'm doing. Or a note about the intentions I’m setting for the week. Or a share about some tool or system I’m using to help me stick to my habits and my goals. 

My “One Little Word” for 2015 is “Spark” and I find that writing every day helps me stay connected to my spark. And the added accountability of publishing a bit of that writing to my blog helps me keep going, and keeps me on higher alert to find and record thoughts and observations that may have some value to others. I like that. 

So, here goes. Expect a post nearly every day for the next month. 

Thanks for following along!

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