Friday KidLit Book Review: Seraphina

by Rachel Hartman
Welcome to my ongoing Summer Friday KidLit feature. Today I review Seraphina, a fantasy tale about a world where dragons and humans have made a tentative peace, and how one girl who straddles both worlds finds herself in a unique position to help when that peace is threatened.

As A Reader: This was a fun one. I loved being swept into this fantasy world, which felt familiar in many ways, (to me, having read many fantasy novels involving dragons,) but also unique, in that the author found some creative ways to put a twist into the traditional fantasy world that many dragon stories occupy.

As A Mom: This book is pure action, fantasy, and great characters. There are a few dramatic conflicts and fight scenes, but nothing too violent or graphic. There is a sweet love story, but no edgy content here. I have no qualms about recommending this book to my daughter or any middle grade reader.

As A Writer: This story felt seamless to me. I didn't notice the writing, and this is a good thing, I think. But I find myself unsure what lessons to take from it as I write this. The ability of an author to pull the reader in and keep them turning pages feels like magic. Writing a novel myself, I can only say that I have a much greater appreciation now for how difficult this is to achieve.Rachel Hartman did a great job here.

My Daughter's Perspective: She has not read it yet, and seems fairly uninterested, perhaps because of the dragons on the cover. She doesn't typically go for pure fantasy, preferring a little more realism that she can relate to. I will recommend this to her, but given her stack of to-reads, I don't think this will make it to the top.

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