Friday KidLit Book Review: The Thickety

The Thickety, by J. A. White

Welcome back to my Summer Friday series, where I feature a KidLit book I've recently read and enjoyed.  

As A Reader: Another gripping story! This has been a summer of page turners. The writing was beautiful, and the world which J. A. White creates is both fantastical and just believable enough at the same time. I quickly came to have sympathy for the main character and was rooting for her throughout the story. However, this one had a less-than-satisfying ending. I suppose as a cliff-hanger for Book 2, (which just came out in March), it serves a purpose. But I can't help but to feel a bit disappointed. 

As A Mom: This one could cause nightmares in a tender-hearted kid, or just one easily susceptible to scary images. There are plenty. All that may be worth risking, though, as the story is creative and unique.

As A Writer: In my own writing I know my tendency is to shy away from characters or plot twists that get too dark, and this book reminds me that sometimes you need a really bad bad guy to create more suspense and drama to drive the story forward. While I don't want to turn my story into something this scary, reading this does make me want to push my antagonist characters just a little farther.

My Daughter's Perspective: She has not read it yet, and given her large pile of books, I probably won't push this one on her.

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