Friday KidLit Book Review: Greenglass House

Greenglass House, by Kate Milford

Welcome to my ongoing Summer Friday KidLit feature. Today I review Greenglass House, one of my new favorites!

As A Reader: This book really worked for me. I read it in a single, long and lazy Saturday. I fell under it's spell and just couldn't put it down. The twist at the end, which I feel like I should have figured out earlier but didn't, was a fun thrill. I loved the quirky characters and the fairytale like setting which kept revealing new secrets and fun details. It would be a great book for a winter holiday (though I enjoyed it just fine in May) and for anyone who likes a good mystery.

As A Mom: My reaction to this book as a mom is no different than my reaction as a reader, which is not always true with middle grade books. This one was pure innocent (and riveting) story, and I have no concerns or different reactions to it when I look through my mom-lens.

As A Writer: I loved the quirky characters and how their stories all related to the setting, and in some cases, to each other, by the end. I'm always in awe of authors who manage to drop clues and details that wend their way into the stories in surprising ways, and of authors who manage to surprise me with their twists. The setting itself was a strong feature of the book, almost like another character, and I love it when that happens too. All things to aspire to in my own writing!

My Daughter's Perspective: She has not read it yet, though I am very much hoping she will.

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