Friday KidLit Book Review: Graceful

Graceful, the new Willow Falls book by Wendy Mass

Welcome back to my Summer Friday series, where I feature a KidLit book I've recently read and enjoyed.

I've been a Wendy Mass fan for a long time, and her Willow Falls series is just adorable. I was so excited to get my hands on Graceful, the next (final?) book in the series. Here's what I thought:

As A Reader: Having been a fan of the series, it was such fun to reconnect with the familiar characters from the previous four books. The story follows Grace and her search for the source of the town's power. It was a tad confusing, zipping between character perspectives and changing objectives, but nevertheless I found it a satisfying wrap up for the series.

As A Writer: I just love Wendy Mass's style, and her blend of magic and realism. I love how she includes details that seem small or insignificant at first but which become important later, either later in the book or later in the series. I am also inspired by how she started with a story in Book One that could stand alone, to a subsequent string of four additional books that leveraged the same world and underlying premise, but which focused on different leading protagonists each time, keeping the series both fresh and familiar at the same time.

My Daughter's Perspective: She's been a fan of the series too, and enjoyed this latest addition to the series. This book, compared to the others, was a little heavier on the "magical" content, and had somewhat less of the "realistic fiction" content which she has enjoyed in the others. She found the magical storyline to be somewhat confusing. All in all, she's still a big fan of the series, but this book was probably her least favorite of the five.

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