Friday KidLit Book Review: Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick

Welcome back to my Summer Friday series, where I feature a KidLit book I've recently read and enjoyed.

After reading The Honest Truth, one of two books my daughter's 5th grade class was given as a choice for their in-class reading, (and reviewing it here), I had to see what the other choice was all about. Here's what I thought of Freak the Mighty.

As A Reader: This is a very satisfying story of an unlikely friendship between two very different boys dealing with unique challenges. Their friendship serves them each in a lovely, complimentary way, and their adventures and mishaps were entertaining and touching. 

As A Mom: While the book has some sad moments, overall the book was more touching than sad. There were some gripping brushes with danger that might scare some kids, but they weren't so intense that I wouldn't want my daughter to read it. While there were some references to mature content (drugs, drinking, gangs and domestic violence), I didn't think they were inappropriate or over-the-top for a mature middle grade reader, especially if read in the context of a classroom or with parents where there could be some discussion.

Between the two books my daughter was given to choose between for her 5th grade reading assignment, (this one, and The Honest Truth), I would recommend Freak the Mighty over The Honest Truth. Both are beautifully well written books with mature themes, but Freak the Mighty felt a bit more broadly relevant, given the themes of bullying and friendship.

My Daughter's Perspective: She will be reading this in school, but hasn't started it yet.

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