Art journaling page: What's Next?

The Documented Life challenge for the week of March 21st was:

Art Challenge:  As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt:  Coming into Focus

For this challenge I decided to try moving onto the page without a plan or a focal point in mind. I wanted to see what would "come into focus" as I went along. I found I liked working this way, ended up with a page that had some great details and energy.

At the very end I decided to add some words, and flipped through magazines looking for good candidates, again without having something in mind I was searching for. When I saw the "What's Next" as part of a longer headline, I knew I'd found it. Snipped it out and stuck it on. Something about the unplanned and wild energy of this page seems to match up with the thoughts spinning around inside me these days about where I'm going next in my own life.

Hope you enjoyed this page. Thank you for visiting!

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