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This week I combined two weeks of prompts (from the weekly art journaling project Documented Life which I am participating in) into one. It was kind of by accident, as in my mind I got the two prompts mixed together. But it worked, so I'm sticking with it, and that means I am now officially caught up on this project. Yay!

Here are the two prompts I worked from when I created this page.

March 7
Art Challenge:  Doodles & Mark Making as A Layer Element
Journal Prompt:  Surviving the Elements


February 28
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a  High Five

I have at least five layers on this page (seven actually.) They are: printed tissue, gesso, paint, my handwriting, more paint, collaged number and text strips, and finally more doodling on top.

I decided to document the five questions I answer every day, which I borrowed from the Five Minute Journal.

In this page I give myself a High Five for sticking with this journaling practice (which I have come to LOVE). Doing this particular form of journaling helps me "Survive the Elements," or stay grateful and positive and resilient in my life.

(See how I worked in all the prompts?!)

The layer of handwriting which is mostly covered up by paint and the collaged elements is from the last few months of my journaling. I picked out some of the daily affirmations I have written (question #3) and wrote them out as a backdrop for the page.

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