Mixed pedia canvas: Scatter joy

I did a little mixed media piece on a canvas board this week. I wanted a nice short quote to go with the colorful flags, and one of my favorites, "Scatter Joy," fit the bill. I added the little birds later, thinking it needed something else to make it feel finished.

I'm not sure adding the birds was the right thing. Do those birds look like they are scattering joy to you?

Lets give you a closeup:

No. No, they don't look like they are scattering joy. I apparently have not mastered the art of bird facial expressions. Maybe if the beaks were pointing up? Or the eyes looking up? Maybe the yellow one's tail should be perkier? I may have to keep incorporating birds into my layouts until I figure out the trick to making them look a little more cheerful.

It's all about the learning, and enjoying the process, and it sure was fun to make it.

I hope my solemn little birds brightened your day??!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You brought joy to my day with your post and the close up of the birds. I literally laughed out loud. I also envisioned other ways birds scatter joy... Too funny.

    1. Excellent point! That was unintended humor with regard to the other ways birds scatter joy. But it gives me some ideas for how I could enhance the piece further... And, perhaps I'll restrain that impulse! Ha!