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Surround yourself with interesting people to live a rich, textured life

I can't resist one more quote from Rob Lowe. (See yesterday's post for another gem from his latest book, Love Life.) He said:
I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said 90 percent of successful moviemaking is in the casting. The same is true in life. Who you are exposed to, who you choose to surround yourself with, is a unique variable in all of our experiences and it is hugely important in making us who we are. Seek out interesting characters, tough adversaries and strong mentors and your life can be rich, textured, highly entertaining and successful, like a Best Picture winner. Surround yourself with dullards, people of vanilla safety and unextraordinary ease, and you may find your life going straight to DVD.
Lately my friends and I have been talking a lot about friendships as we attempt to guide our tweens through a newly tricky landscape of social relationships and hierarchies. But it occurs to me that choosing friends is a lifelong challenge. As we age, we become better at selecting the people we want for our tribes. We start to recognize that friendships come in lots of shapes and sizes, and that people can be treasured for different reasons in different seasons. Beyond friendship, we come to see the truth in Rob's assertion that it's the tough adversaries and strong mentors who help shape us into the people we are. Choosing these people with care makes sense.

It reminds me of another quote I shared here on the blog a few posts back, from Twyla Tharp. She said "What you are today and what you will be tomorrow depends on two things: the people you meet and the books you read."

Friendships are not static and nor should they be. Continuing to seek out new people to challenge and inspire us helps to keep our lives interesting and more meaningful.

It's a good reminder to always be keeping an eye out for those next influences in our own lives, and to make the effort to reach out to them when they appear. Don't let interesting people slip away, they may help you grow into the person you are meant to be.


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