February Project: Focus on Food

Yesterday I posted about the first of my two February projects, Fiscally Fit February. Today I'm sharing what I'm up to with my food project.

February's Focus on Food

Inspired by a friend of mine for whom food is a central part of her family culture, I am trying to put more effort into mealtimes, both the variety and quality of food I prepare, and the degree to which we come together around the table for good family time.

Here are the primary tenets of my food project for the month:

1) Plan meals to cook at home
I am re-energizing my meal planning efforts, determined to cook at home at least 6 nights a week. (Conveniently, this nicely complements Financially Fit February.)

2) Try new things and break out of ruts
My kids are pretty picky, so it's tempting to narrow in on the limited foods they like, to keep mealtimes complaint-free. But this month I'm going to try the opposite strategy: I'm trying a wide range of recipes and ingredients I don't usually use, hoping to inspire their taste buds and maybe find some new favorites.

2) Plan a few extra treats that are fun for the kids

This will help balance out #2... For example, I am resolving to make a big pancake feast every Sunday morning. And I picked up some little after dinner mints as a reward for trying new foods.

4) Eat Together
I am putting greater emphasis on eating together around our table. We've always been fairly good at that, but we can do better.

5) Make Mealtimes Fun
I am stocking a basket near our table with books, games and questions that we can pull out to inspire good conversation and family time during and after dinner. Quiz books are our favorites. (Right now, my basket contains "Psychology for Kids: 40 Fun Tests That Help You Learn About Yourself", and "This Or That? The Wacky Book of Choices To Reveal The Hidden You", and two dice games, LCR and Qwixx.)

Do you have any family food traditions or tricks to make meals more rewarding as part of your family culture? I'd love to hear!

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  1. The author of Dinner A Love Story has a newish cookbook out you might find helpful. I have a spare copy. Remind me to bring it to you. (I drive past your house 3x a week to and from ballet) ; )