Inputs + Habits = Outputs

Spark of the day:

Inputs + Habits = Outputs.

This is a theory I've been developing over the past few days. It's an idea that has come out of the writing I've been doing in my morning pages journal this month, as well as the books I've been reading and the podcast interviews I've been listening to.

I share it under the heading "spark of the day," as it is my intent to do more sharing this year of little "sparks" of ideas that I come across in my day, or develop in my own work. (My "one little word" this year is spark.)

So, a brief explanation of my little formula:

Inputs are the influences you expose yourself to, such as books, articles, podcasts, newspapers, TV shows, movies, museums, and the conversations you have with the people you surround yourself with.

Habits are the disciplines and practices you develop that put structure in your day. Like exercise, writing morning pages, a regular walk, setting a daily intention, using daily checklists, pausing mid day to meditate for 20 minutes, taking the time to plan the week's menus every Sunday night, etc. Whatever routine it is you use to show up to your day and to your life and to your work.

Outputs are what you put into the world, whether it be writing, art, presentations, speeches, blog posts, home cooked dinners for the family, and even simply the quality of attention you give to the people around you.

It seems to me that my outputs are a direct result of the inputs I am exposing myself to, as well as the habits I cultivate.

In 2015 I'll be taking more notice of my inputs, and my habits, and watching to see what happens to my outputs. 

What do you think of that idea? Does it make sense to you?

Spark of the Day is a blog series I will be doing this year as a way to document and share the ideas that spark me, either ideas I come across as I gather my inputs, or the ideas I generate as a result of those inputs and my habits (like my morning pages journal writing, where I work with and develop ideas.) "Spark" is the "one word" I have chosen to focus on for 2015.


  1. It makes perfect sense! Your idea "clicked" immediately when I read your post and it makes me want to be more intentional in both the inputs I expose myself to and my habits this year in the hope to improve my outputs!
    I love your word for 2015 and I was thinking of it as we were watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve from my parents' kitchen window.

  2. How about Habits = Inputs = Outputs????