Better vs More Authentic

Spark of the day:

Strive to be better? or more authentic?

I was listening to Jess Lively of The Lively Show the other day and she was talking about what she most wishes for her listeners as we enter the new year. She talked about resolutions and how typically many people are striving to be better in one way or another than we were the previous year. She challenged the notion of striving to be better, and suggested an alternative: Strive to be more authentic. Strive to be a truer version of yourself.

That caught my notice and got me thinking.

My first instinct was to reject it entirely. I want to be better.

My second instinct was to say this is an "and" not an "or." Why not strive to be both better and more authentic?

From there I moved on to wonder if striving or greater authenticity actually leads to being better, without having to bother striving for better directly at all.

That led to the thought that perhaps she was rejecting the internal pressure and stress that "striving for better" brings. Aren't we enough already? I think Brene Brown says something like this in her book "Gifts of Imperfection."

I finally decided that I needed to think about it more.

And in the end, I decided the whole question was worth of a "spark of the day" post, even if I'm not sure where I come down on it.

What do you think?

Hope it sparks for you too!


Spark of the Day is a blog series where I document and share the ideas that spark (i.e. resonate with) me. They are usually either ideas I come across during my day, or ideas I have as a result of my work and personal writing. Spark is the "one word" I have chosen for 2015.

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