A year of Dares

In 2014 my "one little word" was Dare, as you well know if you've been following the blog for a while. Dare encouraged me to try some things I've never tried before, and to persist in finishing some big projects (like writing a novel) that I'm not sure would have happened without it. It was a great word for me, and one that will stay with me as I move into my new year and new word, "spark."

Being a lover of lists and keeping records, I couldn't resist a final post that sums up my year of dares.

JANUARY | In January I dared myself to let my days evolve naturally. A natural goal setter, I wanted to see if I could resist the urge to set new year's resolutions and daily/weekly goals. What would happen if I just went about my days without specific goals? Read more about this dare here, and find out what happened here.
FEBRUARY | In February I dared myself to fight Resistance. I'd just read Pressfield's The War of Art, and his concept of Resistance resonated with me, particularly related to the writing of my book. Could I fight off Resistance? What would happen if I did? (Find the dare post here. And later that month I recapped what happened here.)
MARCH | In March I dared myself to prioritize my health. Doing so opened up a new world of clean, whole cooking, (see some examples of what I ate here) and led me to a community of bloggers and instagram posters that I continue to avidly follow. Read more about this dare here.
APRIL | In April I dared myself to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge by posting a writing prompt, and a response to it, every day of the month except Sundays, for each of the 26 days of the alphabet. It was so much fun, and re-energized my writing habits. (See the prompts I created here.)
MAY | In May I dared myself to read more and to keep up with my daily writing in the range of 1000 words per day. (Read about it here.)
JUNE | In June I dared myself to truly embrace summer for the more relaxed season that it is. I wanted each day to be taken as a whole, and I resisted the urge to stake out a list of expectations. (Read about it here.) 
JULY | In July I dared myself to keep writing, despite the self doubt. It was the halfway point of the year and I brought myself back to the reason I chose the word "dare" in the first place. I wanted to write, and I was afraid. Still am, but it's not going to stop me. Read the post here.
AUGUST | In August I dared myself to embrace minimalism, starting with my closetRead the post here, and the 3 part update on how it went herehere and here.
SEPTEMBER | In September I dared myself to establish some new routines, to help me stick to the intentions I set for Fall. I came up with a daily schedule, to better make space for activities like yoga and writing. I also worked on routines related to family interactions (warm welcomes, fond farewells and a better bedtime routine.) Read more about this dare here
OCTOBER | In October I dared myself to reduce screen time and increase creative time. Read about it here. 
NOVEMBER | In November I dared myself to finish drafting my first novel. I was close, but needed the extra push of a dare to get to the finish line. I finished the draft on November 18th, and was inspired to write a poem about how it felt to write a book. Read the poem here, and the dare post here
DECEMBER | In December I dared myself to focus inward and discover the richness of simply being. That odd turn of phrase had a story behind it, which I explained in this post. As a result of this dare, my journaling practice really solidified this month and become a routine that I look forward to every day. I will be continuing the daily journaling as I shift into my new word for 2014, "spark."

Thank you for following along with my daring year! Up next: Spark!

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