One little word 2015

My word for 2015 is "spark." 

I choose a word every year. This year, starting in early December, I began to notice new words starting to pop up, and I let them simmer and shift for a few weeks until spark showed up and impressed me with it's energy and sparkle. 

I had been thinking about "open", but it didn't capture my imagination after a few days. Then I was thinking about "deeper" which I liked for lots of reasons, but in the end I decided it had too many dark overtones. Then one morning I opened up my inbox to find an artist I follow offering a new class called "The Year of the Spark!" I was not interested in the class, but the word! Spark had so much liveliness, action, and light. It immediately sparked my imagination and I knew I had my word.

Like most of the words I have chosen over the years, it can mean many things at different levels. The best words are like that.

Spark brings to mind engaged, alive, interested, moving forward, leaning in, having fun. The beginning of something. Interest, excitement, liveliness, vivacity. A spark can be an activating or animating influence. It bursts with activity and enthusiasm. It's capable of growth and developing into something bigger, and giving life, or light, to it's surroundings.

What sparks me inside? How can I spark growth for myself? What would it mean to be a little sparklier?

Yes, I think I can work with that. It makes me excited to turn the page to 2015.

I will be using this blog to document my year of sparks. I hope you'll follow along and join the fun.

What's your word this year?

MORE INFO | The concept of One Little Word is inspired by Ali Edwards, who runs an annual workshop which I have taken in the past and highly recommend. I have been choosing a word (or letting the word choose me) since 2009. Past words were: BUOYANCY (2009), RESILIENT (2010), HOPE (2011), CURIOUS (2012), EXPAND (2013), DARE (2014) and now SPARK (2015).

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  1. Love spark, Laurel. My word for 2015 is passion. Viva la 2015!