One Little Word 2014 | November Dare

As you know, I've been on a blogging break to bring more focus to the drafting of my novel. I am happy to report I've been finding words when I sit down at the computer. They may or may not be good words. That is not for me to decide right now. The important thing is that the words are flowing and this novel is getting written. Hurray to that, right?

So I'm feeling bold enough to break the streak-of-blog-silence to pop in with a November Dare. I haven't missed a monthly dare post all year, and I don't want to start now.

I dare myself to FINISH drafting my first novel in November.

Yes, I said it.

I think I can do it or at least come close. I've put together a list of the remaining scenes, matched up to the available writing days ahead. My schedule shows I can finish by December 5th if I stay on track. I'm daring myself to beat that time.

Send me your flowing-word-wishes, if you would. It really helps. On to the finish line!

Wishing you a healthy and productive November!


Because I love lists and keeping track of things, here is my running list of the dares I have set for myself this year so far:
JANUARY | In January I dared myself to let my days evolve naturally. A natural goal setter, I wanted to see if I could resist the urge to set new year's resolutions and daily/weekly goals. What would happen if I just went about my days without specific goals? (Find out what happened here.)
FEBRUARY | In February I dared myself to fight Resistance. I'd just read Pressfield's The War of Art, and his concept of Resistance resonated with me, particularly related to the writing of my book. Could I fight off Resistance? What would happen if I did? (I recapped what happened here.)
MARCH | In March I dared myself to prioritize my health. Doing so opened up a new world of clean, whole cooking, (see some examples of what I ate here) and led me to a community of bloggers and instagram posters that I continue to avidly follow.
APRIL | In April I dared myself to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge by posting a writing prompt, and a response to it, every day of the month except Sundays, for each of the 26 days of the alphabet. It was so much fun, and re-energized my writing habits. (See the prompts I created here.)
MAY | In May I dared myself to read more and to keep up with my daily writing in the range of 1000 words per day. (Read about it here.)
JUNE | In June I dared myself to truly embrace summer for the more relaxed season that it is. I wanted each day to be taken as a whole, and I resisted the urge to stake out a list of expectations. (Read about it here.) 
JULY | In July I dared myself to keep writing, despite the self doubt. It was the halfway point of the year and I brought myself back to the reason I chose the word "dare" in the first place. I wanted to write, and I was afraid. Still am, but it's not going to stop me. Read the post here.
AUGUST | In August I dared myself to embrace minimalism, starting with my closetRead the post here, and the 3 part update on how it went herehere and here.
SEPTEMBER | In September I dared myself to establish some new routines, to help me stick to the intentions I set for Fall. I came up with a daily schedule, to better make space for activities like yoga and writing. I also worked on routines related to family interactions (warm welcomes, fond farewells and a better bedtime routine.) Read the original post here
OCTOBER | In October I dared myself to reduce screen time and increase creative time. Read about it here.
MORE INFO | As a way of bringing to life my 2014 One Little Word, DARE, I have set a specific dare for myself each month. It's been a fun way to push myself in ways I might not have otherwise. The concept of One Little Word is inspired by Ali Edwards, who runs an annual workshop which I have taken in the past and highly recommend. I have been choosing a word (or letting the word choose me) since 2009. Past words were: BUOYANCY (2009), RESILIENT (2010), HOPE (2011), CURIOUS (2012), EXPAND (2013) and DARE (2014).

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