Reflections on the Book Fair

Remember the Magic School Bus? That's Ms. Frizzle with her bus. She visited our school last week during the Book Fair which I put on at our school with my good friend (and Bookopolis founder) Kari.

I was there every day, all day, on my feet, making change, unpacking boxes, and talking to kids and parents about books. I was pretty tired by Friday night.

It was tiring, but I loved it.

I loved running the cash register and helping kids through the experience of using their ziplock bagged money to make purchases. So cute.

I loved talking to the serious readers and helping them find their next great read. (I was somewhat surprised to find that I had read so many of the books we were selling. My efforts to learn the kidlit market must be paying off. It was gratifying to feel that I was knowledgeable.)

I loved working with my partner Kari and the other great women who helped out. It is definitely a bonding experience to work side by side with someone for hours at a time over several days. 

I found myself putting a lot of energy into making each interaction an opportunity for positivity. And I got a lot of positive energy back from kids and parents for my efforts. Love that. 

Our best seller of the whole week was the Minecraft book. This was somewhat discouraging. But at least the book got the boys into the book fair where they had a chance to discover other books too. That's what I told myself, anyway. (Our next best seller was a graphic novel called Sisters. Neither of these are books I would have ever considered reading before the book fair. But now I'm wondering what the fuss is all about. You're never too old to play Minecraft and read comic books, right?)  

The book fair reminded me of how hard it is to run a household and raise children when you work full time. I did it for years, up until two years ago, so I definitely knew this already, but this week was a big reminder. I have so much respect for women who try to do it all. 

Along those same lines, I got absolutely nothing done all week except the book fair. Exercise fell by the wayside. Home cooked meals fell by the wayside. Laundry fell by the wayside. My writing and personal projects fell by the wayside. I'm going to need a whole week to catch up!

I loved working the book fair, but I'm glad to be back home. Back to normal routines, yay!

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