I have a new artist crush

Oh my, I have discovered a new artist to crush on. And to share with you.

I was walking into my local stationery store yesterday and I was immediately riveted by their card rack where images from artist Gaelle Boissonnard were displayed. I must have stood there gazing at the cards for 15 minutes.

I was in the store because Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way suggests carving out time each week for an "artist date" with yourself. Honestly I thought the stationery store was kind of cheating. I think she has things like museum visits in mind. But this store is usually a visual delight with lots of pretty things and many little fun supplies that can be used for writing and crafty projects. So I decided it counted, and made my way into the store.

I was not disappointed. I picked up a few new pens while I was there, which is what I'd planned to do, but did not imagine that I would find art like this to be inspired by. What a treat.

Upon coming home I immediately looked up the artist and spent some time ogling her beautiful site. Alas, it is in French so I could not read it, but I enjoyed the images and the sounds. I am thinking maybe I should revive my dormant French just so I can drink in this woman's words along with her amazing art.

Above is the only picture I took in the store of just a few of the cards on display. (Why didn't I take more pictures?! Well, clearly, I'll have to go back.)

And I purchased two of the square cards, the purple one at the top of this post, and this one:

I was drawn to these two images in particular because both girls are holding beautiful lanterns behind their backs. There was something about the beautiful light concealed behind the back yet visible nonetheless which captivated me. Something about having a secret or a hidden yearning that is starting to peek out and show it's beauty. Perhaps it relates to yesterday's post.

Anyway, I am in love. Aren't you? I may have to purchase more... and frame them....

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