Celebrating birthdays without exchanging gifts

What do you do when you're going out for brunch to celebrate the birthdays of three friends at once? You don't want to bring gifts, since this group isn't in the habit of exchanging gifts and you don't want to start going down that road. But you don't want to show up empty handed. What fun would that be?!

I never know exactly what I should do in these kinds of situations. After considerable thinking, here's what I decided.

I picked up some chocolate bars at Trader Joes, then gathered up some crafty supplies I already had on hand at home.

After a few minutes of punching, sticking, writing, and tying, I had this.

And then I did it in triplicate.

To add a touch more festivity and make sure the other friends attending didn't feel left out, I brought this for sharing at the table:

These are Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels (purchased from Trader Joes), which I re-packaged in a mason jar with a papered lid, a hand written tag label, and a bit of ribbon. Simple but cute.

Simple little tokens of celebration, with a personal touch. And they were inexpensive and easy to put together. We had our little brunch yesterday, and they seemed pleased. Mission accomplished. Yay!

Happy Birthday, Kari, Akiko and Wendy!

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  1. So simple yet so wonderful. You always amaze me! -robin