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Hello friends! 

  • The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. I zoomed through book 1 (Uglies) and book 2 (Pretties), and am moving right along with book 3 (Specials.) I was hoping to turn them over to my 10 year old daughter, but I've changed my mind. There are a few things in there that are just a little too edgy for my taste at this age. I'm enjoying the series thoroughly, however, and would definitely recommend them to a YA or adult audience.
  • Nudge by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein. I belong to a book club of sorts that focuses on nonfiction, particularly books related to building good habits and developing willpower. I'm compelled by the author's ideas about how we make decisions, and how we can be "nudged" to make better ones. 
  • I'm losing steam on Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which I've been listening to on audiobook when I run. I can't seem to concentrate when I'm outside. I am thinking audiobooks just might not work for me.

Oh how I wish I could say that I've rocketed back into my 1000 words a day habit from spring and early summer. I have not. I'm leaving in a couple of days for my long awaited trip up to Vancouver Island, where my novel is set, so preparing for that, along with various other commitments (like organizing the school's book fair) has kept me from my novel. Hopefully the trip will get me back in the mood to finish up my story.

I have been drinking up the blogs of a handful of creative women I follow, and am finding myself signing up for their projects/classes left and right. I just pre-ordered the kit to go along with Ali Edward's Week in the Life project in October, and I've decided to take this class on Illustrator from the Jones Design Company. I'm also still working through the lessons in Jane Davenport's Draw HappyI'm craving pretty graphics, cool lettering, and fun colors. I guess I am inspired by this fall back to school season to learn something new.

Also, just this morning I attended the Fall Book Preview put on by Banana Seed Books, the company we are partnering with to put on a book fair at our elementary school. It left me with a long list of new books to read, and made me want to do nothing other than curl up on my couch and read all day long. There are so many awesome new kids and YA books out there! 

I'm starting to think about freshening up my capsule wardrobe for fall. I'm no longer finding myself reaching for the linen shirts, tanks, and summery skirts. Fall has arrived, and it's time to change things up. Inspired by Caroline's color palette for her fall capsule, I picked up a knit scarf in the most delicious color today. (This one in "Oxblood".) I think this will be coming with me to Vancouver. (Since when have I been interested in shopping and fashion? Never!! This fascination with capsule wardrobes is a totally new thing. I am taken with the idea of simplified decision making, "uniforms", and fewer options to befuddle me every morning.)

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Wednesday to you!

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