What's Up Wednesday on Tuesday

Hello Friends!

I'm posting my usual weekly roundup a day early this week, because I have my October Dare post planned for tomorrow since it is the first of the month.

Still reading and enjoying Globejotting by Dave Fox, a writing book focused on travel journaling but with much wider applicability. It’s been inspiring me to write more, about all sorts of things.

Just started Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. It hooked me right away. It seems like it’s going to be a very sad book. I had no luck at all getting my daughter interested in it, even though I believe she is right in the target for it. How do I convince her that sad books can actually be really satisfying to read? She’s not buying it.

Writing is happening! I’m so excited! There are new words in my WIP after a very long dry spell, along with lots of journaling too inspired by the Globejotting book I mentioned above. I think the journaling helped unlock my novel writing block. That, plus the daily tracker I started using... see next section:

One of the things that has gotten me back to writing (after a long dry spell) is a small card I created with my daily goals down the side, and the days of the month across the top.  When I do one of my “dailies” I get a check mark. As the month progresses I can see how well I’m doing.

I copied the idea from Todd Henry who talked about it in this episode of his popular podcast The Accidental Creative. 

There is something about a tracking sheet that gets me fired up. Crazy but true.

Among other goals I am tracking, I have two writing related goals that I am now checking off every day:

Ideas in & out: I want to be reading with intention (“ideas in”), and recording new ideas every day (“ideas out”.) When I do a good job of reading (books or articles on writing, creativity, inspiration, or fiction related to my WIP, for example), I find I have more creative ideas of my own. New ideas could be new story ideas, new plot ideas for an existing story, non fiction article ideas, blog post ideas, ideas for new creative projects (beyond writing), or any other creative idea. Once I have recorded several new ideas I give myself a check mark. 

Write 1000 words: I want to be writing 1000 words every day. If my novel is not speaking to me, I will write 1000 words about something else. It was the decision to write 1000 words every day, on any topic, no matter what, that got me writing again. And once I was writing again, it wasn’t that hard to jump back into the novel.

Is it the novelty of a new tracking system, or the beginning of a new writing streak? I am optimistic it’s the latter, but time will tell. Fingers crossed.

I’m running our book fair at the local elementary school, along with a friend of mine, and it’s next week. I’ve been putting in lots of hours preparing to shower the students with excitement over reading and great books! It’s been so much fun!

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  1. Making a list, putting a stake in the ground and establishing accountability works like nothing else for me. Sounds like for you too...

  2. Great progress Laurel! For some reason the world instantly seemed brighter knowing you are writing.

  3. I love this ideas in and out thing. I feel much the same way. Usually when I'm working on a particular type of WiP (right now, a YA historical/magical realism), I want to read books, watch movies, and whatnot that in some way or another feel relevant. Nothing quite like it to inspire you to write! I used to be so good about writing 1000 words minimum every day, but I've been slacking for some time now. It really does help you get back into writing. Hope this is a great week for ideas in and out! :D

  4. Keeping a writing journal is something that every instructor I've ever had (every one of them a writer with multiple books to their credit) emphasizes. I struggle to maintain it, and yet when I do, it really works for me. Must get back to that.

    Congratulations on getting your momentum going, hitting your stride, and writing!