Four reasons I travel

What's the goal of traveling? Does there need to be a goal? 

Does having a goal help us get more out of the trip? Or does having a goal detract from our ability to be in the moment while traveling? 

What do I want to get out of my trips, and how can I be more intentional in making that happen, without over-thinking it? How about just not thinking and simply trying to have a good time?

These thoughts passed through my mind on my recent trip.

While I work on organizing my photos (and thoughts) for a post about the trip itself, I thought I'd share this list I came up with about why I travel in the first place.

Here's what I came up with.


ONE | To get a break from the day to day routines of life. I love routines, but some of them -- injecting insulin into the cat twice a day, for example, and emptying the dishwasher -- can get wear me down after months and months of daily repetition. Vacations are a much needed break from those routines.

TWO | To see beautiful places we can't reach in a daytrip. I need a good dose of new views and never-before-seen (by me) vistas now and again. To feed the soul, you know? I travel to fill up on beautiful.

THREE | To spend time with the people we love without the distractions of work and home life. My husband is different when we're away from home. I'm different too. We're different together when we are away, and in a good way. I like being that couple whenever we get the chance.

FOUR | To be changed, transformed, or elevated in some way. I think this is ultimately what I hope for, and it doesn't always happen. But I yearn for it. I want to think new thoughts, have new ideas, and make new connections that I would not make at home. I find that it generally takes a bit of time for the brain to make those shifts, and my trips aren't always long enough to dip into this territory fully. But when I do, it's glorious.

Why do you travel? 

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  1. I thought about your question before reading your reasons to travel but then found out that the things I came up with are almost exactly the things you've listed :-) I like travelling with the kids so that we can spend time with them in a way that is different from our day to day routine: without the distractions of work (mostly) and without having to nag them about home work etc. We have a trip planned for the fall break (to England) and I can't wait.
    I am looking froward to your post about your travels!