Cool things I learned about Canada on my recent trip

The travel theme continues today with this super quick post on some random cool things I learned about Canada on my recent trip, mostly related to restaurants and money, two things we used a lot of while on our trip.

  • They got rid of the penny. Purchases are rounded to the nearest 0.05 cents. What a brilliant move.
  • In restaurants they don't take your credit card when it's time to pay. Instead they bring you a credit card machine. You swipe and add the tip (as a percentage! no math!) on the machine. I liked that nobody ever walked away with my credit card. It felt safer.
  • When you pay with a credit card, it's only the Americans that have to sign the slip. Canadians all have some sort of chip on their credit cards that eliminates the need to sign. Can we do that here?
  • Everywhere we went, a mysterious and marvelous dish called "poutine" was offered on the menu. I had never heard of it and am assuming it is a Canadian thing. So, as it turns out, this dish involves fries, melty cheese curds, gravy, and some kind of meat topping. All warm and cheesy and salty and sinfully delicious. I recommend trying it, at least once, for the experience.
  • They were much farther along than we are in use of clean energy. 93% of electricity in British Columbia comes from clean energy sources. Wow! And, I noticed far more electric car charging stations there than I notice at home. My next car is going to be electric. It's time.
  • Every restaurant emphasized their local sourcing of ingredients. I have noticed a lot of this here in the States, but it was much more heavily emphasized there than I am used to at home. It gave me local food fever!

That's it for my travel themed week. Thanks for reading along with me this week as I shared my trip to Tofino.

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Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. You make it sound amazing. Why can't we????

  2. You're making me extra proud to be Canadian lol. :D We decided to ditch the penny because it made no economic sense to continue producing something that costs more to make than its worth. It's been weird getting used to it, but I think we can all agree that it's nice not having pennies kicking around anymore. British Columbia is kind of ahead of the rest of us on the clean energy thing. They're also able to use a lot more locally sourced foods because it's sub-tropical and they have a much longer growing season than the rest of Canada. It's honestly one of my favourite provinces in our country, though it's crazy expensive to live in and there are no jobs. I'm glad you had such a great time! :D