Why I blog / and an introduction to Weekend Links

I have been thinking about why I blog. It's an interesting question, and I'm not really sure of the answer. To a large extent, I blog entirely for myself, because of the pure pleasure of writing, and pairing words with photos. I also use the blog to hold myself accountable to my goals, and because I enjoy giving myself "gold stars" for the projects I accomplish. There's something inexplicably satisfying about pulling together a blog post and pressing "publish."

But also, there is a desire to share something of my experience. I like the blog format because it gives me the opportunity to share without imposing my sharing on anyone who isn't interested in it. Facebook sharing feels too "public," which is somewhat ironic since a blog is more public in a sense. But on a blog, only the people closest to me, or those who have decided they are actively interested in what I have to say -- interested enough to "opt in" to each blog post -- are reading my words. You're a well curated group. My tribe. Even if I haven't met you yet.

Sometimes I want to share my thoughts, or just a project update. Other times, I come across something interesting or inspiring that somebody else has written, and I want to share that too. I have decided to collect those links and publish them in a post every so often on weekends. That way, I can share what I'm reading and what is attracting my interest, without bombarding inboxes with forwards or creating whole separate blog posts about other people's content.

Weekend Links:

I just loved this poem, called "The Chance To Be New" by Cynthia Hafali-Wells, which my friend Kari sent me. (She is the founder of Bookopolis, an awesome site that encourages kids to become readers.)

I am entranced by the living room gallery wall created by Liz at Love Grows Wild. I am making plans for my own gallery wall on a long-neglected blank wall in my home.

This article, which makes the argument that a 9-5 work week virtually guarantees a consumerist, indulgent and somewhat shallow lifestyle, was eye opening.

I got a chuckle out of watching Bill Gates take the Ice Bucket challenge.

Have a great weekend!

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