What's Up Wednesday

Hello friends! 

Still working through The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Boy, it's long!

I hired a sitter with the hopes of getting some writing done, but errands and unexpected this-and-that managed to get in the way. I'm excited about the prospect of ramping up quickly later this month when the kids return to school. I am going to power through to the end of my first draft this fall. 

(Note: My sources of inspiration are not particularly writing related this week. My apologies. But I just love the ritual of collecting the week's inspiration every Wednesday, whether or not it's related to my writing. It's my favorite part of these Wednesday posts. Hope something in here inspires you too!)

  • This post by Ali Edwards, on family adventures. It inspired me to assemble some photos of our own summer adventuring, and it was such an excellent reminder that summer is about so many more things than my own personal projects (i.e. writing.) I did my own version of her post on the blog yesterday.

  • My new yoga teacher. I've been attending an Ashtanga class which is now offered every weekday morning at my studio. I've always loved yoga, but this particular type, and this teacher, is just really working for me right now. I found this cheat sheet online and I've been studying it to help me remember the sequence of moves.(I've only learned part of this so far.)

Source: here

  • I'm not at all into fashion or shopping ordinarily, but I find myself totally inspired to put more effort into my outfits, thanks to Caroline at Unfancy, and to these amazing 20 piece capsule wardrobes from Into Mind (here, here and here).

Source: Into Mind

  • I am dreaming of making a version of this quilt. Those colors!

Source: Drury Girl on Flickr

We took our first family backpacking trip last Friday, just a short 1 nighter, in preparation for our bigger trip this coming weekend into the Eastern Sierras. It was challenging, but well worth the effort. Here's my cute family, resting on a nice bench we came across on the trail. Wish us luck with the bigger trip next weekend!

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Wednesday to you!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! :D Writing is definitely easier without distractions. I'm sure you'll power through that draft when the time comes :)

  2. Enjoy your trip! :) I often find I get inspired when I'm not writing, but doing other things.