Minimalism Musings

Source: Cat's Meow

I've been exploring minimalism this month. Mostly in my mind vs in reality, except for in my closet where I'm going like gangbusters to clean it out.

In my online wanderings, I came across a blogger who cultivates a simple lifestyle who recently posted some pictures of everyday moments around her home. Alongside the photos, she said this:

The best memories that shine through are small moments of every-day living. I have no grand dreams or plans. 
Today I plan to make soup for dinner, that's a plan I have.

I'm not like her. I have lots of plans, goals, schemes, project flow charts, and multi-part endeavors that stretch out over time.

But something about this quote stopped me in my tracks. What if she's onto something here? 

There you go. Food for thought for this Friday morning.

As an aside, I was wowed by the quote in her bio. Be sure to check it out in the righthand column. That's the most impressive use of words starting with "w" I have ever seen.

Have a good weekend.

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