Bathroom Drawer Makeover: Before and After

This month I am working on embracing minimalism, starting with my closet. That project is well underway, and I have an update planned soon. But meanwhile, I have a quickie update on a related space. I cleaned out and organized my bathroom drawer! And I'm unreasonably excited about it.

This drawer is the headquarters of my morning "getting ready" routine.

Here's what it looked like when I started.

It was a mixed up mess of makeup, hair accessories, samples of skin care products, bits of ribbon, several half used dental flosses, backup supplies, loose jewelry, and a lot of dust and grime.

Can you believe I dipped into this drawer every morning? How did I stand it for so long? One wonders.

After being inspired by the progress I'm making in my closet, (per my August dare, update coming soon), I started browsing online for minimalist blogs, and one thing led to another and I ended up purchasing a book called, The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide; How to Declutter, Organize and Simplify your Life by Francine Jay. I read it in one big thirsty gulp.

The next day, I did this:

Using the advice in the book, I dumped the entire drawer out, and attempted to clean it, (though it's an old bathroom, and the drawer has taken a beating over the decades. I did my best.) Next, I sorted my stuff and evaluated each item individually. Out went the extra supplies, duplicates, products I no longer use, samples I'll never open, and bits and bobs of things that didn't belong there.

I only put back in the drawer the items I knew I wanted to use and keep. Then I picked up some inexpensive clear bins at The Container Store to separate and contain like items. I even put my trusty labeler into action by labeling two cosmetic items that look identical but contain different things. (I can't tell you how often I opened one looking for the other. No longer!)

I even found that I had room to store the toothpaste, floss and toothbrush in the drawer, saving them from cluttering up the bathroom counter. (Francine Jay suggests a goal of only 3 items on every flat surface in your home, including the bathroom counter. I got it down to just three with this project: I've got a soap dispenser, a cup, and my husband's electric toothbrush stand. That's it!)

I can't tell you how much nicer it is now to open this drawer in the morning.

Well, there you have it. An intimate peek into my morning routine. More info than you ever wanted, I'm sure. But I share in case it inspires you to clean out a drawer in your house. It's a great feeling! Good luck!


  1. For some of us there is an innate need to organize and a high that accompanies any job well done. Others just wonder what the fuss is all about. Congratulations.

  2. Always such a satisfying job :-) We're in the middle of reorganizing my son's bedroom because he's starting high school and needed a desk and a corner to work on his home work (hopefully...). This is of course a good moment to go through all his stuff and eliminate what he has outgrown. I hate the mess created in the process but when done, it feels great to have a bit less stuff!