August Dare Update: The Closet (part two)

Hello and welcome back to Part Two of my update on the Great Closet Project, part of my August Dare to embrace minimalism (starting with my closet.)

Yesterday I gave an overview of how I purged my clothes and organized them. Today, I wanted to focus on some little things I did to make the closet itself more functional, and a tiny bit prettier.

As context, know that I have a tiny reach-in closet, and it was a disaster when I started this project. (I am sparing you the "before" photos.)

In the spirit of minimalism, I would ideally want to do this project without purchasing anything new, but I did end up deciding that it would be worth it to invest in a few organizational doodads and minor upgrades.

Here's what I did:

Low budget closet lift: scrapbooking paper
I covered up some unsightly boards with cheerful polka dotted scrapbooking paper.

To improve the lighting in this light-less closet, I decided to try these motion sensitive LED lights. I've installed two of them (easily -- they're stick on, and battery operated!) and I couldn't be happier with my enhanced lighting.

I used some of these tiny stick-on hooks to get my little collection of jewelry out on display and more accessible.
Stick on hooks to organize jewelry

I replaced a poor hook with an inexpensive but sturdy new one for my robe.

I purchased a belt organizer and turned a hanger into a scarf holder to make these accessories more accessible.

I added some baskets to corral miscellaneous items.
an outfit staged on C-Links

I picked up a set of  C-Links by Umbra, which are great for staging outfits, and for vertical storage of hats, bags and scarves.

Finally, I invested in an assortment of The Container Store's clear storage boxes. I like that I can see what's inside. And they're very inexpensive.

OK, that's it! These little upgrades, combined with the fact that there is less stuff crammed in here, has made my closet a pleasure to open and use. I used to dread this cramped, dark space but now it feels spacious and light.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a final update on the closet project: what I learned while trying to live within my 20 piece capsule wardrobe.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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