August Dare Update: The Closet (part three)

Hello and welcome back to Part Three of my update on the Great Closet Project, part of my August Dare to embrace minimalism (starting with my closet.)

Tuesday I gave an overview of how I purged my clothes and organized them. Yesterday, I talked about the little things I did to make the closet itself more functional, and a tiny bit prettier. Finally, I close out the series today with a short update on what I learned by trying to use a 20 piece capsule wardrobe this month.

Picking out the 20 pieces wasn't actually as hard as I thought. I don't have that many clothes that I love to put on. The number of items that fit me well, that fit the style I want to wear, that fit the season, that aren't stained or ripped, etc. was actually not that large.

Here are my 20 items. They just look awful hanging on the hangar. They do look better in person, I swear! I had a hard time figuring out how to make a grid of all these, and this is not perfect, but at least it gives you an idea.

A few observations and learning to apply to next time:

Neutrals were key:  It was VERY helpful to concentrate on neutrals, with only one or two pops of color. I picked black, white and denim/chambray as my neutrals. I added a pinkish red color because I had two shirts and a pair of flats in that shade so I could mix and match. That one green striped shirt is my outlier.

A "uniform" sounded good but didn't really happen: I wanted to develop a "uniform" to further enable the mix-and-match ease of dressing. I never quite did establish a summer uniform, though I wonder if that is a function of the season. For some reason I can much more easily imagine a uniform approach working in the fall. (Skinny jeans with a long neutral top in cream or gray, with boots and perhaps a scarf or long necklace. Can't wait to wear a bunch of versions of this!)

I found myself cheating in several interesting ways: First, if I had two items that were similar, I found that I wanted to rotate between them but count them as just one. For example, I have two pairs of skinny jeans that I like equally. Having two in rotation helped cut down on laundry. The same thing happened with two pairs of comfortable black pants. I ended up adding in the 2nd one and rotating. Finally, I slipped in a couple of additional tops as the month went along. Perhaps 24 is my magic number... which is totally fine with me. (It's also cheating, I suppose, that I kept a handful of cardigans in my closet but not counted as part of the capsule. I think for Fall I may try to incorporate these kinds of throw-overs and outerwear into the capsule, but limit the number of them. We'll see.)

I am excited to try this again for the fall, though it seems tricky navigating through the season change. I can imagine needing both capsules for at least a month... which would crowd up my newly breezy and spacious closet! I'll let you know what I end up deciding.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the progress I made in my closet this month. I can see that it's going to require ongoing vigilance to keep it up (one in, one out!) but it seems well worth the effort.

Good luck with your own organizing projects and fall wardrobe planning. I'm off to dream up September's Dare.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What an undertaking! I managed to organize the kids' closets this past week (it is much easier to organize somebody else's closet :-)) but I am dreading my own. But I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and will try to incorporate it!