What's Up Wednesday

Hello friends! 

I've been waiting a long time for The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness (Book 3 in the All Souls Trilogy,) and it came out last week. I raced through it. LOVED it. Now I'm into The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. A friend loaned it to me, so I'm reading the full weight hardback version, and while it is a pleasure to turn real pages, it's weight is making my wrists hurt. I've also been poking into The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, which I probably won't read cover to cover, but which I'm finding interesting to read bits from.

Not much this week. Momentum has deserted me, and I'm working on a plan to get it back.

  • The unbelievable quantity (and quality) of quilting projects coming out of Ashley at Film In The Fridge. She must have an amazing work ethic, and some kind of superpower, given that she has very small kids at home. How does she find the time??? It's inspiring me big time.
  • The simplicity and minimalism of Un-fancy, a blog I've recently started following which focuses on the concept of a capsule wardrobe (which has me riveted.) I'm drawn to the clean, neutral spareness of the blog itself, as well as the concept, and the idea that sometimes less is more. She's learning and growing as a result of narrowing her playing field (in her case, the number of items in her wardrobe) and imposing some structure. Sounds like what I need with my writing...
  • The art and whimsey of Jane Davenport, and her bevy of online art classes. I just signed up for the 1st one, "Draw Happy", hoping that artistic expression in another form might jump start my writing again.
  • This quote from yesterday's blog post by Elise Blaha Cripe: "Work is not something that comes to me. Lightning doesn't strike. The lightbulb doesn't go off. I go to the work. I chase the lightning down. And I flip the lights on and off until they stay lit."

I'm only in week two of my training schedule for the half marathon, and I'm already experiencing the strains and pains that tell me I need to slow down and be smarter about how I'm approaching it. It strikes me that I'm starting to see consistent themes cropping up everywhere I look. (Less is More; Go slow to go fast; Discipline and Structure yield results.) It's like the universe is trying to tell me something, both about my writing and my running. Interesting.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Wednesday to you!

What’s Up Wednesday is a meme created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, and designed to help writers stay in touch with each other. I'm grateful to them for creating this structure, which I am finding helpful as I document my path toward becoming a writer. Please link over to their blogs to see what they and other writers are up to this week.


  1. Life offers us so many lessons if we are observant, open and willing. What about unlearning? What causes lessons we have learned to atrophy and fade away?

  2. Isn't it fun when the universe speaks to you like that? Better listen up! :)

  3. I chase the lightning down. Aaaaa!!! That's amazing!

  4. Hello, Laurel! That's awesome you're training for a half-marathon. I used to run cross country and long distance track all through school, and the running bug has never been cured! Definitely listen to your body and take your time. You want to build your strength and endurance without getting hurt. Have fun and good luck!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  5. Good luck with your half-marathon. I'm not at all athletic or into sports, though I admire those who do have the determination and body type to do that.

  6. Take it easy with your training and rest up! Your body will thank you ^_^

  7. Wow, that capsule wardrobe concept is very cool! I'm big into simplifying, so I should look into doing something like that. Granted, I could never give up my nerd shirt collection and I practically live in pajamas at home lol. Good luck training for your half marathon! My husband is a marathon runner and my son is training to hopefully complete his first half marathon next spring, so I have the utmost admiration for all your hard work (even if I'm more the walking type). Have a super week! :)

  8. Best of luck with jump starting your writing once more, Laurel, it sounds like you have some great plans in mind to help you :) I've been trying to live with a simple mindset (that sounds weird, but you know what I'm saying!) recently too - although there have been a few instances when I've thrown something out then needed it a few months later, haha!

    Best of luck with the half-marathon training - my boyfriend's training for a full one and just hearing how many kilometres he's running these days makes me tired :P I'll be cheering you on from the finish line in spirit! Have a great week!

    - Caitie

  9. I'm curious to hear what you think of The Goldfinch. I read it on my Nook. Missed turning pages but saved the wrists :)
    When the universe talks, listen.