One Little Word 2014 | June Dare

As a way of bringing to life my 2014 One Little Word, DARE, I have set a specific dare for myself each month. It's been a fun way to push myself in ways I might not have otherwise.

So, here we are in June. (Already?!!) The kids get out of school this month, the weather's truly awesome, and summer has begun!

There are so many directions I could go with a dare for the summer...

...hiking every local trail within a 10 mile radius...
...learning how to grill every type of fish they sell at the local fish market...
...trying every summer cocktail recipe in the back of my grilling cookbook...

(don't those sound great?)

... but instead of focusing on one singular dare, I've decided to keep it open and use this dare as a reminder that Summer isn't about checking things off a to do list, or striving to hit a set of goals. Summer is a time for relaxing, for adventures, for being spontaneous. For staying up late and for sleeping in. For trying new things, and revisiting old favorites. It's about the kids, and being a family, and making memories.

In June I dare myself to truly embrace summer for the more relaxed season that it is.

I have a lot of ideas for how I want to spend time this summer, but this year I'm not going to set aggressive goals or stake out too many expectations. I'm going to try to take it one day at a time, and see where the lazy days take me. Each day is a whole, to be swallowed such.

Happy June! I hope you have a marvelous summer!


Because I love lists and keeping track of things, here is my running list of the dares I have set for myself this year so far:
JANUARY | In January I dared myself to let my days evolve naturally. A natural goal setter, I wanted to see if I could resist the urge to set new year's resolutions and daily/weekly goals. What would happen if I just went about my days without specific goals? (Find out what happened here.)
FEBRUARY | In February I dared myself to fight Resistance. I'd just read Pressfield's The War of Art, and his concept of Resistance resonated with me, particularly related to the writing of my book. Could I fight off Resistance? What would happen if I did? (I recapped what happened here.)
MARCH | In March I dared myself to prioritize my health. Doing so opened up a new world of clean, whole cooking, (see some examples of what I ate here) and led me to a community of bloggers and instagram posters that I continue to avidly follow.
APRIL | In April I dared myself to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge by posting a writing prompt, and a response to it, every day of the month except Sundays, for each of the 26 days of the alphabet. It was so much fun, and re-energized my writing habits. (See the prompts I created here.)
MAY | In May I dared myself to read more and to keep up with my daily writing in the range of 1000 words per day. 

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