What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a meme created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, and designed to help writers stay in touch with each other. I'm grateful to them for creating this structure, which I am finding helpful as I document my path toward becoming a writer. Please link over to their blogs to see what they and other writers are up to this week.

Hello friends! 

Still working on Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and loving it. I have more or less given up on Twelve by Justin Cronin, which I was listening to from Audible. It's just not working for me with that narrator, who makes every passage sound super dramatic. I get exhausted by the never-ending string of dramatic pauses. Plus I'm confused about when/where/who we are talking about half the time... I wonder what kind of book works best in audible format? Maybe I don't have the concentration for it. 

Still cranking away on my story drafting. I've been really loving my 1000 words per day goal, and the target tracking feature of Scrivener, and the notion of not breaking the chain of successive writing days. I did "break the chain" when my in-laws were visiting over the weekend, but I'm back up and running this week and hope to keep up a good long chain this time.

This post inspired me this week, about the writing habits of Anna Quindlen. Love the notion of a "picket fence of habits."

May is going on. It's the second busiest month of the year, after December, in my life these days. I'm just trying to keep up with all the birthday parties, performances, thank you gifts, playoff games and the like. And, it's in the high 90s this week! HOT!

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I was never into audiobooks, but my husband listens to them when he has to drive for long stretches. We listened to some of the HARRY POTTER books and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION that way and they were *really* good. It really does come down to the narrator, I think. Plus, those stories just lent themselves really well to be reading aloud.

    I used to have a 1000 words/day goal, but got so badly sidetracked at some point. I need to get back to that! Good for you for sticking to it. :) Have a great week, Laurel!

  2. I love Scrivener's progress-tracking features! 1000 words a day is my minimum goal, and I try to write every day - I started doing that when I realised that if I took a break for a few days, it took me ages to get back into it! Glad it's working for you. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. I really enjoyed The Twelve, but I didn't have an audiobook version. I've never really fancied them. I like reading, not being read to. I'm sure with the right narrator though, it would be a lot of fun.

    Good luck with the drafting and stay cool! Phew, that does sound hot.

  4. I love Anne Lamott's book, enjoy!