One Little Word 2014 | May Dare

As a way of bringing to life my 2014 One Little Word, DARE, I have set a specific dare for myself each month.

JANUARY | In January I dared myself to let my days evolve naturally. A natural goal setter, I wanted to see if I could resist the urge to set new year's resolutions and daily/weekly goals. What would happen if I just went about my days without specific goals? (Find out what happened here.)
FEBRUARY | In February I dared myself to fight Resistance. I'd just read Pressfield's The War of Art, and his concept of Resistance resonated with me, particularly related to the writing of my book. Could I fight off Resistance? What would happen if I did? (I recapped what happened here.)
MARCH | In March I dared myself to prioritize my health. Doing so opened up a new world of clean, whole cooking, (see some examples of what I ate here) and led me to a community of bloggers and instagram posters that I continue to avidly follow.
APRIL | In April I dared myself to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge by posting a writing prompt, and a response to it, every day of the month except Sundays, for each of the 26 days of the alphabet. It was so much fun, and re-energized my writing habits. (See the prompts I created here.)

I've been amazed by the impact of these dares on my life each month. Turns out, daring myself to do something is quite powerful. So, what's next for May?

Library of Congress main reading room
My idea for May came to me during my recent trip to Washington DC. I was standing on a balcony at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, surrounded by thousands and thousands of books. Being there, among all those books, among all those writers, was deeply powerful and inspiring to me.

In May, I dare myself to read more. A lot more. And to keep up with my daily writing in the range of 1000 words a day.

To make this happen, I have a five point action plan. (I'm always good for an action plan with bullet pointed specifics, right? This month is no exception.)

1) Goodreads: This month I will re-acquaint myself with my (drastically underutilized) account, dust off my virtual bookshelves, track my progress by listing new books as I read them, and connect with reader and writer friends to find new books to read.

2) Library: Did you know you can download library ebooks to a kindle and audio books to your phone? For free? What a find! I plan to check the library first so that I don't go broke buying books this month.

3) Audible: I recently started a monthly subscription to their audiobooks and have loved listening in the car, and while folding laundry and the like. I will double down on this habit, and plan on long walks with my earphones (to kill two birds with one stone! Exercise!)

4) Local Bookstore:  The employees at my local bookstore are a great resource, always happy to help me and my children find a good book. I will resist the urge to hit "buy now" on Amazon.com, and instead head to the bookstore if the book I want is not available at the library, or to browse for reading inspiration. Support your local bookstore!

5) Scrivener targets: On the writing front, I've discovered a feature of Scrivener that helps you set word count targets and track your progress. (Interested? I learned about it in this tutorial.) I'm planning to use it to help me stay on track with my daily word count goals.

If you're a reader, connect to me on Goodreads! Happy reading!

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  1. Tell me about Goodreads. I use it occasionally for book recommendations but never tried an account… great idea. I'm aware of the kindle library books but never tried it! I should too!