Still enjoying the memory of the kids inflating a kayak in the neighbor's pool last Saturday

Spring cleaning, including the dreaded garage

Donating & selling stuff we no longer use

Writing toward my goal of 1000 words per day

Referring to "Writing Irresistible Kid Lit" by Mary Kole to make sure I'm not getting off track

Feeling sore from my first yoga class in a few weeks

Donating blood as part of a drive benefitting a girl at our elementary school

Reading less than I want to

Watching Merlin on Netflix (when I should be reading)

Trying to stay out of the car and walk instead when I can

Following some new (to me) creative people online and feeling inspired

Drinking lots of green soup (boiled kale, whirled in the blender)

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  1. Good for you for walking. Try a bike! Mine makes me unusually happy :-)