April A to Z Challenge: Recap

Many thanks to those of you who followed my A to Z postings this past month. They were fun for me to write, and I hope it was fun to read from time to time as well.

There are as many varied approaches to the A to Z challenge as participants. I used mine to engage my brain on a set of characters and a storyline I’ve been percolating for a while. It’s a novel in my mind, but not yet on paper, other than in a few notes and early chapters. These alphabet posts became a great way to explore backstory and settings, and to practice techniques for revealing characters through action and interaction. Most of what I wrote this month won’t be in my novel’s final form, no doubt. But all of it will be part of the layered fabric that lies beneath every story. There is always more in the author’s mind than what ends up in the final tale. Someday, after finishing my book, I imagine looking back over these A to Z postings and fondly reminiscing about these early days when the story and characters were still taking shape in my mind. I can picture myself at the other end of that process. Hopefully that means I will get there someday. These A to Z postings have inspired me to keep going. 

Thank you for following along, and for tolerating my “first draft” writing, which is no doubt riddled with writing errors I will someday cringe at. Writing is an ongoing learning process, and this April challenge has hopefully nudged me a baby step forward in that bumpy process. Onward!

To see all the writing prompts together, click here, or on the tab above labeled "A to Z Writing Prompts."

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  1. Laurel, Every post was a pleasure. If this is the compost heap, I really can't imagine how beautiful and whimsical the garden will be. So inspiring to see you make this kind of progress. WOW! One of the best parts of the process was reading the line "I can picture myself at the other end of that process..." WOOT! I can too, even clearer than I could before. Congratulations on a great month of writing!