April A to Z Challenge: U

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Today's writing prompt for the AtoZ challenge is: Umbrella. Here is my entry:


Amanda laughed. Sam was soaked to the skin. Her turquoise umbrella had not done it’s job.

“What are you doing with that thing?” Amanda asked. She reached out and took the umbrella from Sam, snapped it shut, and tossed it in the nearby garbage bin. 

“Hey! That was a Christmas present from my mom!”

“Look around, Sam.” Amanda said. “Do you see anyone with an umbrella?”

Sam looked out over the school grounds. It was a sea of colorful nylon hooded rain jackets. No umbrellas in sight, despite the downpour.

“Well, that’s ridiculous.” Sam fished the umbrella out of the garbage bin, and inspected it carefully for adhered refuse. It was clean, if dripping wet. “Umbrellas keep you dry.” She pushed her wet hair out of her eyes. A giant drip of rainwater fell from the tip of her nose into a puddle on the ground. 

“Maybe in California they do.” Amanda said.


I've challenged myself to create a writing prompt and write a short response to it each day of April as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. Read more about the A to Z blogging challenge here. Thanks for reading!


  1. A little bit of humor. Something new.

  2. Great post!

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