April A to Z Challenge: R

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Today's writing prompt for the AtoZ challenge is: Raindrops. Here is my entry:


The rain had finally stopped, after coming down for three straight days. Sam stepped outside and took in a deep breath of the clean air, freshly scrubbed by the downpour. She sat on the porch rocker and looked out over the loosely landscaped yard, lit by the first rays of sun in weeks. Buds were starting to bloom on the trees. A small bird swooped to the ground and picked up a twig in its beak. It hopped, and then took off, rushing it’s treasure to join other treasures, no doubt in the hollow of a tree somewhere nearby. A flash of sparkle drew her eye toward a spider web, riffling in the spring breeze. Suspended from it’s delicate web were a shower of tiny raindrops. Sam wondered at the strength of the spiderweb to support such weight, while still being light enough to move gently in the slightest breeze. Spiderwebs were remarkable. Strong and yet flexible. Capable of supporting life, while also taking it. They could be beautiful, like this one, or repulsive, depending on the context. 

She shook her head. She must be getting soft. Sitting around in the middle of the afternoon, contemplating spiderwebs? She thought of what she’d be doing back home. Probably a swim meet, or a yearbook meeting, or homework. Lots and lots of homework. The pace of life up here at Aunt Andi’s was decidedly foreign. I’d better get myself moving, she thought, if I expect to get back into the groove when I get home. She picked herself up and headed back inside, leaving the spiderweb behind, intent on finding something productive to do.


I've challenged myself to create a writing prompt and write a short response to it each day of April as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. Read more about the A to Z blogging challenge here. Thanks for reading!


  1. Enjoyed your reflection on the mixed nature of webs--giving life, taking it. Nicely expressed. Happy to meet another Laurel during the A-Z!

    Laurel's Leaves