April A to Z Challenge: H

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Hello There

Today's writing prompt for the AtoZ challenge is: Hello There. Here is my entry:


There was absolutely nobody around for miles, so a broken fence at the remote northernmost boundary wasn’t really much of a problem. But Andi was funny about her fences. She was very protective of this place and didn’t much like visitors. This break in the weather was the perfect chance to finally get the job done. So, with the promise of sunlight and no rain to slow him down, Dale set off at dawn, heading north up the rugged coast path. It was nearly noon by the time the path finally led him to the fence which marked the border of Andi’s land. He left the path, following the fence toward the ocean, which was rumbling just below the bluff’s edge. At the edge of the bluff the wire fencing had come loose, it’s anchor slipping in the shifting soil. He was getting out his tools when movement on the beach caught his eye. Pelting down the beach toward him from the north was a small dog. Fluffy and golden, the pup was chasing down sea birds which rose up into the air, squawking in alarm. She paused to sniff something in the sand. Her head cocked to the side. Spotting Dale, she bounded over, panting and smiling in that way that only golden retriever puppies can.

“Well, hello there!” Dale said, reaching down to ruffle the puppy’s ears. “Where in the world did you come from?” The puppy bounded away, looking back at Dale as if to say, “Come play!” Dale shook his head. “I’ve got work to do!” It felt natural to talk to the dog, as if they had met before and were just picking up where they’d left off. He watched her frolic as he worked, and when he began his trek home, she followed along, as if she had known he would come for her. He smiled. I’ll call her Josie, he thought.


I've challenged myself to create a writing prompt and write a short response to it each day of April as part of the A to Z blogging challenge.  Read more about the A to Z blogging challenge here. Thanks for reading!


  1. Given my attachment to Josie, the dog of my youth, this snippit ended on a very emotional note for me. For most others this would be a sweet beginning of a bond between man and dog. Nice.

  2. Awwwwww :)

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge! xx