April A to Z Challenge: G

Source: Wickanninish Inn

Glass Sphere on Beach

Today's writing prompt for the AtoZ challenge is: Glass sphere on the beach. Here is my entry:


Amanda was annoyed to find that she couldn’t control the tear from slipping onto her cheek. She dashed it away with the edge of her fleece pullover. It was too cold for wet cheeks. She hugged her saxophone case tightly to her chest and started running, hoping to warm herself up, and to escape the mood that had overtaken her when she’d reached the beach, where she could finally be alone. Funny how hard it was to get away from people even in this tiny town. Or maybe because of the size of the town.

She slowed as her favorite driftwood perch came into view. Out this far, with only the waves and the birds, she felt at home. She sat on the log, worn smooth by years in the water. Something bobbing in the surf caught her eye. She watched as it was thrown up onto shore, and then pulled back with each wave. It was round, like a ball, and glinted in the setting sun. Made of glass, perhaps? Finally, it came to rest on the sand, pushed high enough by an errant wave to stay put. The glass sphere gleamed green in the wet sand. It seemed magical, and carried the promise of mystery and adventure from some far away place. Spellbound, Amanda watched it, as she opened her saxophone case and began to play. 


I've challenged myself to create a writing prompt and write a short response to it each day of April as part of the A to Z blogging challenge.  Read more about the A to Z blogging challenge here. If you feel inspired by the prompt today, feel free to post your own short response in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Stopping by on the 8th day of the #atozchallenge and delighted to find another writers excellent blog. I appreciate that it is focused and uncluttered allowing the reader to read what is important….your post. I'll be back If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come and visit.